Welcome To Vishwa Export.

Welcome to Vishwa Export

We are immensely lucky to work with infinitely variable and immensely beautiful, native and exotic hardwoods. One of the fundamental joys of making beautiful wooden furniture is working these materials.

Each timber has its own character. Each board is different. Some species cut under the chisel like hard cheese. Others have all the hardness and resilience of mild steel but without the coldness of touch. Cherrywood, Pearwood, Elm, Ripple Sycamore and Olive Ash are all materials that we enjoy working here at Rowden Atelier. We have a stock here of exceptional timber that we are reserving for our clients’ work. All we need is the encouragement from a client with vision and imagination.

Using fine hardwoods, our craftspeople and modern designers preserve and reinterpret the Indian art of furniture making with our fresh, clean styles that suit most homes and interiors.


Birch wood is a commonly available hardwood grown worldwide and has a rippled or curved grain appearance. In terms of furniture use, it is strong and hardwearing, readily accepting stains and is easier to finish than other hardwoods.


Harvested from Mango plantations, only the older non-fruit bearing trees are used for timber to make way for new younger trees. The very best wood from the old mango tree is then reborn into handcrafted furniture the essence of sustainability.


Oak wood has great strength and hardness, and is very resistant to insect and fungal attack because of its high tannin content. It also has very appealing grain markings making it perfect for furniture use.


Also know as Indian Rosewood, Sheesham is becoming rarer, prized for its fast plantation growth reaching harvest size in only 10 years. It is greatly valued for its stunning depth of colour, innate strength and pure grain line.

ReClaimed (Redwood)

We collect recycled wood from various sources including railway sleepers and old buildings. Redwood timber originally comes from coniferous trees and is known for their low shrinkage rates, innate strength and stability.

Vast Care Factor:

*Dust regularly with a clean cotton cloth & wipe up spills immediately;

*Wipe up spills immediately so as not to cause breakdown of the finish;

*Clean regularly using Vast Interior recommended cleaning products;

*Do not use cleaning products that contain silicone or concentrated chemicals;

*Avoid placing your furniture near fire places, in direct sunlight or under heating/cooling vents;

*Do not leave hot items or ice cold items directly on the surface of the table as water marking may occur.

Products And Wood Quality

We design and manufacture an all encompassing assortment of wooden furniture of different types of wood, designs and finishes.


Whether you add a soft note or convert it into a full interior, creating an atmosphere made ??

exotic by an intelligent mixed items, colors and textures. Combining solid wood and wrought iron with vintage leather, pointing through an atmosphere of total relaxation accessories, get your identity and style interiors. That is why Exotique offers you some ideas of exotic interior made ??with Oriental furniture and decorations chosen "eyebrow" of endless nursery Asian cultures.

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